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To begin with we send you an initial questionnaire to ascertain your needs and wants and to see how quickly you need to begin the process.  A lot of these wants and needs may change as the time draws nearer to you buying.  Read more here

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Read this great article about Why Buyers Should Use Agents to Represent Them - Real Estate Business Bulletin - 4 Dec 2012

SOMETIMES mixing business with friendship can be a positive thing, as was the case for Epiphany Property principal Annie Rodway-Cicero.

Her daughter Chanel’s chance meeting with a young Englishman in Claremont eventually led to Mrs Rodway-Cicero offering buyer’s agent services along with her repertoire as a selling agent.

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**** NOT READY TO BUY BUT NEED TO FIND A RENTAL?  WE CAN HELP YOU! Call Annie or Murray on (08) 9388 1089 ****

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